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10 April 2008 @ 07:13 pm
Fic Plot Bunny Out The Ass! ... And Some Personal Shit You Don't Have To Stick Around For  
Okay, so I was thinking about lunabee34's entry the other day (actually, it was earlier today, but whatever!) and how she had become almost bored (of course, I am paraphrasing) with the standard pairings in fandom. She mentioned some pairings I too have become a bit fatigued with, including Daniel/Jack from SG-1 and even, though it may shock some of you, Jensen/Jared (including Dean/Sam).

As I read Lorraine's entry, I started thinking. Since I was still in the "Supernatural RPS" mode right now, it would only make sense that my next story (when I wrote it, which would be soon since I have been bitten by the writing bug yet again) would include that fandom (if you could call it that). But I had only ever written Jensen/Jared, and that's mostly what pops up on my flist when I'm surfing.

But what about something else? I want to write something different; don't get me wrong, J2 is great! I love it and it's a hell of a lot of fun. But I want something to "spice" up my fanfiction and I have just the pairing:


I have already made a brief, mashed together fanmix and hope to have the story up soon.

I would, however, like to hear your input, flist! What do you think? Out of the box? Something you'd be interested in? Let me know!

So, if you've clicked on this cut, that means you're interested in what's going on my me. Well, thanks! I just wanted to let you all know that on the twenty-fifth of April, I will be departing my dear ole state of Colorado to brave the open road on the way to Galveston, Texas. Where my best friend and her family and I will depart on a thirteen day trans-atlantic cruise to lovely Barcelona, Spain!!!!

I am so freaking excited. It's always been a dream of mine to go on a cruise, to visit another country. I have always wanted a stamp in my passport, and finally, I'll be getting one!!


I know, I talked about it a lot, but it's only about fifteen days away and I can barely stand it.

That's all.
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